*How To Start A Super Profitable CaaS Agency And Land Your First $Paying Client In 48 Hours Even If You Have Zero Experience, Zero Credibility And Hate Selling People.
Written by James Dhillon on [#today: {medium}]
Hey, what’s up, everybody! My name is James.

In this quick post, I’m going to show you the future of online business and how you can make an absolute fortune …and how you can make an absolute fortune with this one prime opportunity.

My current students helped me come up with the title of this post, and we’ve concluded this is the most accurate description for it based on what I’m about to share with you. 
How To Start A Super Profitable CaaS Agency And Land Your First $Paying Client In 48 Hours Even If You Have Zero Experience, Zero Credibility And Hate Selling People. 

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Before I go any further, I’m going to ask you one simple question.
If you answer yes to that question, you agree to stick around with me for the next 17 or so minutes so I can sell you something AFTER giving you a TON of value.
Sound fair enough?
Cool! The question is…
Are you interested in making an additional $2,500 to $15,000 per month without trading your time for money?
YES, I'm interested!
Now that I’ve got your undivided attention for the next 17 minutes let’s get to it.
And by the way… I’m going to do something very different in this post.
When you stay until the end, I’m going to give you my exact system + exclusive access to my team so that we can help you connect the dots and show you exactly how to make this work without a steep learning curve or any guesswork, so that you can start generating $2,500 to $15,000 per month right away without trading your time for money.
On top of that!
In this post, I’m going to share with you my 29-word elevator power pitch that is directly responsible for us earning over $650,000 in 90 days.


It books money calls at an 85% success rate with a 100% show-up rate.

ANDDDD I know everyone loves free stuff so I’ll even give you 2 surprise gifts when you stay until the end…one of my assistant's values them at $300.

Let me quickly reintroduce myself.
My name is James Dhillon and I’ve been involved in all areas of online marketing for almost 15 years now. I’ve helped 100’s of people exactly like you become successful in that timeframe and in the last 2 years alone I’ve generated well over $21,000,000 in documented revenue for a couple dozen clients of mine.

And trust me, I’ve tried it all. Affiliate marketing, MLM/Network Marketing, SMMA, dropshipping (Shopify/Ecom), eBay, Amazon, Surveys, Forex, Reviews.
In the end, they all burned me out, kicked me to the curb and made me invest WAY more than I was ever capable of.
What I’m about to share with you today is NONE of these things and it wasn’t until I came across this kind of business model that everything changed for my family, my team, my friends, my peers and my amazing students.
I need you to know that by no means am I a self-proclaimed guru or expert. I’m your average run of the mill type of guy that figured out a way to make money doing something that I enjoy and I’m here to share that opportunity with you. Why? Because I can.
A quick little disclaimer for ya – that I want to share so you don’t think this is a become-a-millionaire-overnight-scheme… I’ll show you the EXACT SAME METHODS we use to get results, my students use to get results and I’ll hand you the keys to the kingdom. However, your results will vary depending on your attitude and ethics. You might make a heck of a lot more than all of us or you might not. Results may vary.
This is NOT a miracle in a bottle and it’s the furthest thing from magic.
Carrying on… the mega-cool thing about this is that what took me years and years to get to will take you only a few days because I’m about to help you cheat your way there and ethically steal my entire business model. This is your ticket to a front-row seating into my epic business model that can never become saturated.
At this point, you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about and how much money did I make doing it…
Let’s talk about the $$ first.

In my first month doing this, I made $10,438.19 NPT (net post-taxes – this was the cash that stayed in my hands), my second month around $14,300 and my third month around $17,500.
My students typically do about $1,500 in their first 3 days. Although, there are some exceptions.
For instance.
Two of my student’s Charlene and April did 4k EACH in their first 2 days and Eric did 7.3k in his first 24 hours. There are people that do more and people that do less – these are simply some highlighted results since I have the testimonials to share with you.
Next up, what is it?
We’ve completely flipped Social Media Marketing Agencies aka SMMA and all other “make money online FAST” opportunities on their head. We’ve taken one of the oldest and best online business models, “website building” and brought it into today’s mega profitable online world.
It’s called CaaS Agency and it stands for Conversation as a Service Agency.
And it is hands down the best, most consistent and scalable business model that exists online.
We use these 2 amazing easy-to-use tools, ClickFunnels and ManyChat, to help our clients increase their brand awareness, bring in more leads, simplify their customer service, and send the customer through a journey that spits out a rainfall of cash for our clients consistently, naturally and predictably.
The softwares themselves require no prior experience to use and they have a short learning curve… in fact, it’s all drag-and-drop stuff.
So, whether or not you’ve tried to use these tools in the past, rest assured that this is not rocket science by any means.
As long as you can move your trackpad or mouse, you’re 90% of the way there.
All it entails is building and funnels and chatbots for businesses, passing it off to them (or their marketing team) and let the results speak for themselves.
Businesses have always relied heavily on print media, billboards, radio ads, phone centres etc. In today’s day and age, the people spending the most money online are getting younger and younger. They don’t respond well to these archaic forms of intrigue.
Funnels and chatbots help alleviate this problem tremendously.
A funnel essentially puts a prospective customer through a series of simple steps that gets them to purchase something of a higher value than if they were to navigate a traditional website themselves. A chatbot does the same thing. However, it has a dozen other use cases too. Businesses use them for customer service, applications, autoresponders, upsells and the list goes on.
Do you see now why we call it CaaS? Because that’s where the world is heading. When you combine funnels and chatbots with businesses the results are amazing. We have seen our own personal clients go from $15,000/month in gross revenue to $150,000/month to net profit. We have seen others triple and even quadruple their yearly income.
Sometimes I get carried away with excitement. And before we move on, I want to make sure that I’ve explained exactly what this saving grace opportunity is and how you’re going to benefit from it.
It’s a CaaS Agency that involves zero of the online businesses you’re used to seeing. You build funnels and chatbots for businesses and that’s it. "As a beginner, you can charge $2,000 per funnel and chatbot each," and as you rise through the ranks you’ll be able to command up to $25,000 and much more.

You don’t run the marketing

You don’t consult with them (unless you want to for extra $$)

You don’t find them platforms to run offers on

You don’t find them suppliers

You don’t get them inventory

You don’t get them leads

None of this kind of stuff.
You don’t need to spend $1,000’s or even $100’s to get started.
You don’t need to have any credibility.
You don’t need to have any experience.
You don’t need to know anybody in the industry.
You don’t need to have an existing business.
You don’t need to have any sort of college degree.
There are no prerequisites. Got it?
Check out this quick testimonial reel, it’s about 2 minutes long. I want you to know what I’m talking about is real and has massive stick behind it.

These people were EXACTLY like you.

They sat through this short training and then implemented what I’m talking about. Now they’re making BIG $$!
OK, I’m back! Did you enjoy that?
Remember those business models I shared with you before that are the most common for people to get involved with? And how they didn’t work for me and probably won’t work for you?
I want to go over their major cons so you can understand my reasoning.
1) Affiliate marketing – you have to keep promoting which requires $$ and at any time the owner of the offer can shut it down or stop paying you and leave you in the dust. You have no ownership.

2) MLM/Network Marketing – who want to continuously sell friends, family and strangers on miracle products that in most cases suck?

3) SMMA – there’s no loyalty in today’s market and any Tom, Dick or Harry can undercut you because running ads isn’t rocket science. Neither is CaaS by the way… except you can’t get undercut.

4) Dropshipping, Shopify, Ecom… whatever you want to call it – do you know how hard it is to actually find a product that sells? And then once you do find one.. you have to deal with returns, inventory, finding trustworthy vendors, have a ton of cash flow on hand to scale and pray to the Ad gods that Facebook/Google don’t shut you down. Don’t forget your merchant account can get shut down whenever too because no banks like to deal with dropshippers.

5) Amazon – do you have $10,000 to start a business and pray your product has a home run the first time? 99.9% unlikely to happen.
All these predicaments I’m pushing your way are the exact ones that royally screwed me and my amazing team over.
I’m not making them up, these things actually happened to us.
Time and time and time again we were burned by these opportunities.
We always go in fully with whatever we do, and we felt the knockdown of these opportunities every single time.
Don’t get me wrong.
They can be great in the short-term. However, are you comfortable putting your life on hold and investing 80 hours per week for a short-term business that can (and will) die within the first 90 days?
CaaS Agencies completely changes this “norm.”
And it wasn’t until I started my free ClickFunnels trial that I understood the power behind this epic tool that changed my life forever. Stick around I’ll get you a free trial too.
That’s what makes it even more amazing!
You can get your first paying client without investing any money into tools on a monthly basis. And once your trial runs out, if you refer just 3 customers then your ongoing monthly costs for ClickFunnels and Manychat are $0!
Are you excited? I’m so excited right now.
It’s about time I reveal my 29-word elevator power pitch that is directly responsible for us earning over $650,000 in 90 days.
As I said this short power pitch got us an 85% successful close rate with 100% show up rates to our money calls.
“If I could bring you customers that spend more money, without you having to inject more money into your business, would you give me 15 minutes of your time?” 
From there I run a super quick money call with them that shows the END RESULT and that’s it.

They’re handing me cash, checks, PayPal’s, credit cards, Bitcoin you name it.
By the way, notice how I said END RESULT?
You got that right.
I don’t lead with stats, boring mumbo jumbo or rapport building.
Straight out of the box.
I build the dream.
I show them the vision.
I give them the end result in their hands BEFORE we have even exchanged one dollar for any kind of service.
I go through the opposite theory with them and it (almost) never fails.
Thanks to this approach our clients love us and will never go anywhere else even if somebody tries to undercut us because nobody is better at building the dream than we are and nobody can deliver as we can – confidence builds competence.
The absolute best frickin’ part?
You legitimately hand on my heart, honest to God truth – need ZERO experience to do something like this.
The process is so stupid simple that an 8-year-old with 90 minutes of training could build out a complete funnel and chatbot in less than a day – while watching Saturday morning cartoons.
And this same 8-year old would be commanding more money than a lawyer with 10 years of experience under his/her belt.
So far.
I’ve shared with you 2 things that will propel you to become an expert with your new (existing) CaaS Agency.
1) The epic power pitch that will help you get money calls with ease and no prior experience.

2) How the Opposite Theory (almost) never fails to land money calls and why it works for those that favour fortune over failure.
This is all well and great. However, my TV mentors growing up always taught me that good things come in 3’s… and this is no different.
So what’s the 3rd thing I want to share with you?
It’s something that’s running through your mind.
Something that paralyzes you when you try to start any new business.
How do we get clients if we hate talking to strangers?
That’s right – I used to ask the same question! When I started my sales career, I was absolutely terrified of rejection and I believe a part of me still is today. So, don’t worry, don’t be nervous about doing this because you hate talking to people.
Partner with the never-ending mountain of agencies that already exist and strike a deal to build out the funnels and chatbots for their clients…
Why would they do this? They don’t have the time or energy. They run marketing! They don’t want to do the nitty-gritty stuff – which is funny because as you learned today, it’s actually pretty easy to get going and requires no experience when you know what direction to go in.
Here’s a 3-step recap of what I talked about…
1) The epic power pitch that will help you get money calls with ease and no prior experience.

2) How the Opposite Theory (almost) never fails to land money calls and why it works for those that favour fortune over failure.

3) How do we get clients if we hate talking to strangers?
There is a 4th step… and that’s what makes this so great.
Step 4 is what I mentioned right at the very start.
“I’m going to give you my exact system + exclusive access to my team so that we can help you connect the dots and show you exactly how to make this work without a steep learning curve or any guesswork.”
Do you remember me saying that?

Do you also remember me saying you’re going to get 2 free gifts valued at $300?
They’re coming when you stay until the end…
Back to it…
Do you feel like the girl on the screen right now?
It’s natural.
I legitimately choked you with a bunch of information that probably doesn’t make 100% sense to you right now. However, as long as you do understand the 3-steps I mentioned then everything else will fall into place… the epic power pitch’s minimalistic and straight to the point approach, the opposite theory and how it (almost) never fails and how to get clients even if you hate talking to strangers.

This is your ticket to building a real simple online business that can generate $2,500 to $15,000 per month and beyond.

Check this out…

Imagine what your life could look like IF…

You took action

You had guaranteed income…

You knew where your next client was coming from…

You went to sleep not thinking about how broke you are…

You realized your life isn’t about working 40+ hours/week for somebody else’s dream…

You never had to worry about money again!

Sounds like your dream life? It could be!

Let’s turn your dreams into a reality… Because they can be!

BUT FIRST… Do I have your permission to share a special offer that will land you your first client within 3 days?

*Since you're still reading, I'll take that as a YES HECK YES!


What I’m about to share with you is…

“Kinda-Like Insider Trading… But 100% LEGAL
And no “guru” would ever show you this…
It’s called the FAB System 2.0 (Complete).
Our clients made over $21,000,000 in documented revenue, over the past 2 years, from these EXACT strategies… That I completely breakdown and reveal inside the system.

Our System is 100% results based. We don't waste your time on unnecessary fluff.

It will also help you not only build a CaaS agency and learn a high-value skill, but it will also show you HOW TO SELL THAT SKILL FAST.

Quick note… It also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee! That’s how confident I am that you will LOVE my system.

So, take a look.
Here’s exactly what you’re going to get…
You’re going to get the FAB System 2.0 complete program. It’s a complete over the shoulder walkthrough of how to build a successful money making CaaS Agency. The library currently houses 70+ modules. I don’t hold anything back and these are complete recordings where everything is revealed. It’s valued at $4,997.
Module after module after module of world-class training. Did I mention lifetime updates are included at no additional cost?

You’ll learn the following:
- The Foundation of a Successful CaaS Agency

- Gold Mining Unicorn Clients

- Establishing Yourself As The Go-To Expert of Drowning People In Money

- Become The Elite Master of Funnel Creation That People Throw Money At

- Become A Chatbot Machine That Skyrockets Lead Generation

You’ll also get access to these modules that will help you take your agency from $100,000 to $1,000,000 – once you’re ready.

- Building A 7 Figure Agency On Retainer Contracts

- Niche Alchemist

- Hyperreality Automation

$100,000 --> $1,000,000
Now, I want to sweeten the deal for you even further.
Because you stuck around with me for this long and I can tell you’re super serious about this.
So here are some super serious power bonuses that are only available for the next 9 people who join, after that I’m going to take them off the table.
Bonus #1 - ROI Inducing Funnels + Bots
I’m going to give you over a dozen funnels and chatbots that we have used with some of our biggest clients and collectively they are responsible for earning over $12,750,000 of documented revenue. This is not by luck, this is by pure data being constructed into formulated design and flow. You can import these straight into your account with one click. You do not have to manually recreate them.
Dental clinic, chiro, personal agency and so much more. We have the top ones included and as the library expands it’ll all be handed to you at no additional cost.

This is so powerful because you’re literally getting the gold. Think about it… the most time consuming part of this whole endeavour would be to spend a day or 2 making the funnels and chatbots for your clients - agreed?

Well this cuts that time down to nothing.

You simply have to fill in the blanks on these funnel and chatbot templates and hand them directly over to your client.

It’s madness!

We value this bonus at $3,997.

Check this out…

Here are some of the landing pages you’ll get access to..
And here are some of the chatbot flows you’ll get access to..
Again, these pictures are a very small amount of what you’re going to get and they’re blurred out because they are 100% reserved only to those who get access to this bonus.
Bonus #2 - Facebook Community
You'll be able to join our private Facebook Community that is only available to members of the FAB System 2.0. Other experts and I will be able to help you expand your business, answer any questions you have and make sure you get all the additional support you need.
The support inside of this group is going to be invaluable to you. You will be a part of a real community of enthusiastic entrepreneurs that are winning in the exact same field as you.
We value this bonus at $1,997.
Bonus #3 - Complete Toolkit aka the Secret Swipe Vault
This one is probably my favourite. Want to know why? You get EVERYTHING you need to start (continue) building your business up in the right way.
I mean what's the point in joining if we make you go out there and find all of your own tools?
I've put together a comprehensive toolkit that includes the following: Full White Label Case Studies that you can use to show results, Complete Script Library to close clients across any platform (cold leads or warm leads - doesn't matter), Master Service Agreement so you can sign on clients immediately and the 24-hour client turnaround system.
We value this bonus at $1,897. And it’s ever-growing. We update it constantly.
Now I want you to keep in mind, this business model will work:
If you have an SMMA Agency
If you’re a coach or a consultant
If you haven’t had any success online, yet
If you’ve tried dropshipping, Shopify, Amazon, lead generation, affiliate marketing etc.
If you’re a teacher from Iowa
Do you get my point?
This will work for anyone, anywhere in the world.
To reiterate, you’re going to get the following:
FAB System 2.0 ($4,997 Value)
ROI Inducing Funnels + Bots ($3,997 Value)
Facebook Community ($1,997 Value)
Complete Toolkit ($1,897 Value)
Total Value: $12,888
Now I’m obviously not going to charge you 12,888$ HOWEVER if all I did was help you bring in a dozen clients over the next year that paid you over and over to do ONE job...would it be worth 12,888$?

If I helped you build a 6/7 figure per year CaaS agency would it be worth it?

If it helped you work WAYYYY less than all the other “hustlers” out there and make way more than you ever have, would it be worth 12,888$?
Of course, it would be – that’s a given.
Well, how about this.
How about I undercut every other sleazy salesman “guru” “expert” out there?
How about I don’t charge you $2,000 as most other people try to these days because they know you’ll pay even if it’s mediocre crap.

Even though in my opinion this is worth WAY more than that.
For the FAB System 2.0 and all the bonuses, It’s usually $497. However, this page has a special coupon attached to it because you took the time to make an educated decision and that usually means you are going to be one of my top students and not one of those that buys and asks for a refund without doing anything.
For that reason, I want this to be a no brainer... which is why when you order directly from this page right now you can grab the FAB System 2.0 (Complete) program and community with all the bonuses for only $197.
Yup, you got that right.
Only $197.

That’s only 10% of what your first customer will pay you for a funnel or a chatbot. 

Do you think that’s a fair deal?

The first client you’re going to land is going to pay you $2,000 and you’ll give me a one-time upfront kick back of $197 since I’m going to show you exactly how to do it?

All future revenues are yours in their entirety!
This one-time-super-sexy-no-brainer-get-in-now deal gets you immediate unrestricted access to the entire system, community + all the bonuses!
And I guarantee if you take action and follow my lead, you’ll be able to land your first client in just 48 hours...that’s my promise to you.

That's 10X your small investment you'll make today.
All you have to do is click the button below to get instant access.
I also want to add some things in.
There is a 90 Day, 3 Month, 2,160 Hour Money Back Guarantee in place.
When you order today, you are guaranteed your satisfaction, or you get every penny back.
NOTE: almost nobody asks for their money back and usually the ones that do are the ones that don’t even log in to view the content, then they wait until the 89th day to ask for a refund.

I can tell because we have a component on the admin side that shows us what every single student has viewed. I do still refund them. However, I make sure that they know they’re only failing themselves.
I do my part by delivering the program. There’s not much more I can do when it comes to people failing themselves.
Anyway, it’s simple. Go through the content, participate, try to get a client.
If it doesn’t work out or it’s not for you – that’s OK.
Simply send a refund request and I will process it immediately.
No questions asked. No hard feelings.
The last thing I want to do is ruin my reputation over $497. Well, only $197 in this case since we’re giving you the pre-applied coupon.
Hopefully, you’ll leave me a decent testimonial. That’ll probably land me another $10,000 client, so it’s really a win-win.
One last time.
You’re going to get the following
FAB System 2.0 ($4,997 Value)
ROI Inducing Funnels + Bots ($3,997 Value)
Facebook Community ($1,997 Value)
Complete Toolkit ($1,897 Value)
Total Value: $12,888
For only $197.
Insert snazzy motivational quote here: Don’t let the reason you need to do this be the reason that you don’t.
Everything I’m sharing with you is 100% duplicatable and enough for you to build a super successful agency business without any prior skills.
Now before I head out of here, here are the most frequently asked question.
Follow closely because you’ll probably be wanting to know the answers to the exact same questions.
Who is this for?

This is for anybody that's fed up of other trying to make money online and not having the success they want. This is for anybody that's searching for a new and wide open opportunity. This is for anybody that owns a marketing agency. This is for anybody that does not own a marketing agency. This is for anybody that is anybody. We've helped broke students all the way to neurosurgeons hit amazing milestones in their businesses.
Is there any risk?

No, you have an iron clad 90 day money back guarantee in place.

Is a CaaS agency the right choice for me?

There's a super simple answer to this question, and that is… drum roll… I don't know!

However, what we can tell you is you'd be in extremely poor company if the FAB System 2.0 didn't work for you. The vast majority of students that dive into the content and implement the duplicatable strategies we teach, see a return on their investment in a very short amount of time.

We have so many students that have hit the 5, 6, and 7 figure marks in their CaaS agency journey. What's different about them and yourself? NOTHING! You all have the same course, the same coaching, the same information, the same strategies and so on. It's all about how you grasp the information and implement it – seriously.

There's a reason I call it the duplicatable system.

Do you accept PayPal?

Why can't I try and succeed without FAB System 2.0?

You're more than welcome to try. However, let's break it down in Leyman's terms.

You see people online ALL THE TIME saying they lost money in an online venture of some sort. They are negative thousands of dollars. They have $xxx left and want to know how to best spend it to make money online and so much more.

If you don't invest in this System, you'll be one of those people.

Last thing, if you could succeed without it then why are you here right now?
Is there a monthly commitment cost?

What do I get when I join?

You get the FAB System 2.0 30 day training program and all the Power Bonuses mentioned on this page. In a nutshell, it's everything you need from A-Z to succeed.

There is A LOT of highly valuable stuff that you get in this System.
Is this saturated?

Come on! Seriously?

Every single possible business type out there is a potential client.

In the US, Canada, UK, France and Mexico you have over 50,000,000 opportunities to work with, in the form of businesses. Now think about all the other businesses in the world, especially those in your own country.

We can't handle them ALL by ourselves. That's why we made this program... to give our members a head start and make the big bucks!
What kind of support is included?

You will access to our Private Facebook Community. You will have access to email support.

NONE of this is offered to people who are not apart of this paid program.
How much time will this take out of my life?

We would advise you to spend 1 hour per day building your business. However, you can go as slow or as fast as you want to. There are no limits, except the ones you place on yourself.
Will this work in my country?

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have access to internet, you can make money by utilizing the material in the FAB System 2.0.
Will it take any additional expense to set up the business?

Yes, your ongoing monthly cost will be approximately $120. However, if you refer just 3 people to ClickFunnels, your expenses for ClickFunnels, ManyChat and AWeber will be covered.
Still got questions?

I’d be happy to answer them. However, right now it’s in your absolute best interest to join the FAB System 2.0 so that you can lock in your bonuses.
You have an iron-clad guarantee and I’ll answer your remaining questions once you’re in.

What are my free gifts and how do I get them?

What are my free gifts and how do I get them?

I'm going to give you my awesome book called 6 Figures In 6 Months Blueprint + 10 Point Business Success Checklist AND A Free 30-day ClickFunnels Trial.

They have a combined value of $300!

To get access to them shoot me a message on Facebook after you finish reading this page. Or once you join the System you’ll get access to them immediately.
$300 value!


Now’s the time to get started.
Stop letting life hold you back.
If you genuinely believe there is a better opportunity for you somewhere else, then go take it. However, we both know that there isn’t.
Stop fooling around with saturated opportunities that will take you months and months and months of hard work only to break even and have you looking 15 years older than you really are.
To me, it doesn’t matter if you want a big mansion with a 10-car garage or you simply want some financial security.
I can help you have both.
The only thing I ask is that you don’t use this knowledge for bad and/or evil purposes.
It’s time to let me hold your hand on your journey to success and get that crazy $$ you’ve been praying for.

All the best, 

Your friend - James Dhillon

PS, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary

PPS, after [#today: {medium}] the pre-applied $300 discount code will no longer work.

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